Allow your body to thrive in whatever environment it’s in.

Physiotherapy is a profession, best described as an evidence based approach to analyzing and correcting any movement and loading disorders that may be affecting the body.

Physiotherapists at Darch Physio have completed postgraduate studies in sports physiotherapy and have vast experience in a variety of sporting environments. We take pride in our depth of knowledge regarding sports related injuries and excel in the science of load management and optimization of body mechanics in order to allow the body to thrive in whatever environment is relevant to the patient

Be it returning from injury to the elite sporting field, working a desk job without pain or headache or overcoming that niggling back pain and getting a good night’s rest we will help you. Through thorough analysis we can achieve the specific diagnosis. With skilled treatment as well as prescription and guidance of an individualized rehabilitation program specific to you and your chosen activity we aim to have you back on the track as soon as possible, and stronger than ever to help you perform at your best.

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